What is

Pre or Post FDR Service

Pre or Post FDR Service

After the comprehensive Assessment it will be clear to you that things either need to change or do not need to change.

Pre FDR Service is the regular commitment between client and worker to focus on what you can do to implement the changes you found in the Assessment. It takes the shape and form that meet your needs and helps you stay true to your core values when the grinding conflict gets hard and you run the risk of getting distracted from the big picture.

For example you feel intense anger. You know that on some level that anger will change the course of the mediation and not in your favour. What can you do to change it?

Family Relief can make suggestions or referrals to guide you through to a place where you understand what anger is trying to tell you and you can take responsibility for it so it does not control you or the mediation.

At the same time the person you are mediating with may have needs with substance abuse. It may become apparent to them during Assessment that they have to do something about it. They too could opt for Pre FDR support with Family Relief. You will not be told what we are doing with them and they will not be told what Family Relief is doing with you. Confidentiality and Safety are Paramount.

After the mediation you have an agreement. This might include details of what is considered appropriate communication or an embedded safety plan for when someone might become unwell. There may be an agreement but there is still work yet to be done.

The agreement could say that Post FDR support will continue to help with an agreed need for a specific outcome for both parents by a set time.

Sometimes things change after an agreement. Sometimes we are so eager to get to an agreement that afterwards we feel shock and feel our world will be overturned again as we set up new routines. Post FDR support can help with adding changes gradually towards an end goal or work with each parent individually to work on the barriers that come up afterwards when the agreement is made.

Imagine an agreement where you are relieved of the responsibility of trying to hold the other parent to account!

Pre or Post Support may include:

  • Standardised CBT
  • EMDR
  • Monitored communication between parents
  • The list continues to grow as the needs are identified!