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Family Dispute Resolution

Approach conflict in a different way

Family Dispute Resolution QLD

How do people react?

A lot of people resort to hiding, fighting or even bending over backwards to avoid the hard work of negotiating conflict. While this may be ok as a short term solution, in the long run there are going to be many times where you will miss out on opportunities because of it.

reasons to address conflict:

The main reason to address conflict is that continuing conflict is expensive and can eat up all your resources.

Resources can be practical like money, assets, housing, health, education. The costs we usually don’t think of may include:

psychological “I can’t remember things like I used to”,

emotional “I am tired of adulting”

social “I don’t want to burden them so I won’t go out”,

spiritual “I’ve lost faith” or

cultural “I feel ashamed”

When we address conflict we feel like we have got a piece of our life back.  We can recognise ourselves again.

you are not alone

Reaching an agreement

Family separations are tough! Especially when property and children are being torn in the middle.

Family Dispute Resolution is a specialised for of mediation.

Issues that may arise in family law

What makes us different:

We work with parties during an assessment, mediation, and follow up.

We understand that follow up is essential to attain sustainable solutions