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Why Choose Family Relief ?

We embrace working with separated parents who may be feeling angry, helpless or anxious. We will help you to better communicate and manage relationships during a difficult time, and to recognise and honour the rights of any children involved. Individual counselling is your way and always at your pace.

When help is needed

A parent becomes unwell sometimes.  The symptoms might affect parenting sometimes.  How do you look after them when you are unwell and how do you keep a healthy relationship with your little ones? 

Family Relief can use Pre FDR Support strategies and FDR to

  • Help parents identify thresholds for safety vs risk outlined in an agreement.
  • Help parents identify what they can do at each stage of being unwell.
  • Help parents define their role, what to do when that role can not be met and create a plan that is supportive for children to feel safe and nurtured.
  • Develop joint language for children to respect parental diversity as well as to respond when they notice something isn’t quite right. They know how and where to get help.

You may be aware of a change such as going away for work, travel restrictions, hospitalisation or incarceration. You may feel confused with the loss of help or with the responsibility of being the daily decision maker. You may worry about losing meaningful relationships with your children all together.  You may stress that someday, mum and dad will be in the same community again. What then?

Family Relief can use Pre and Post FDR support and mediation to

  • Yarn with parents about their little person’s needs in preparation of the change, during the change and afterwards.
  • Agreements on help and parental roles before the change so there are no surprises.
  • Help parents feel stable knowing their role as parents while a parent is isolated and when the parent returns to the same community.

You have gone (or going) through Family Court proceedings.  Feel exhausted. The process changed you and not for the better!  Consumed by  hatred or fear?  Your resources have been over taxed.  Even with an Order the conflict continues. 

At what point can parents just be parents?

Family Relief offer counselling for individuals or Pre/Post FDR Support and mediation for families:

  • individually work through the fear, trauma or anger
  • Trauma responsive mediation strategies informed by Pre FDR Support
  • Learn effective ways to feel emotionally safe while in parental role
  • Ongoing support post mediation to ensure agreements can be functional for families
  • Communication monitoring by Family Relief to reinforce safe communication

Book a free 20 minute online based talk to see if Family Relief can help You and your family.

Knowing what you need

Coaching or
Case Management?

Counselling, Coaching or Case Management? It is often difficult to know what you really need in those situations, which is why we are offering a fee free 20 minutes consultation to assess your needs.

Ready ?

  1. Yes I live in Queensland Australia.
  2. I have a phone or computer that I can safely sms and talk from in private.
  3. I am available on a Friday for our first appointment.
  4. Book your first session using the blue button or email us.

No I need another time or day or do not have access to my own device or data.

Please contact us by email, include your personal phone number and potentially available dates and times and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  Please let us know if there is a time or day when you DO NOT wish us to call.

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